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Are you wanting to edit the footer area of your WordPress website? The footer is the bottom section of each page on your WordPress website. There are a few different ways in which you can use and edit this area for your visitors. In this video, we’ll show you how to edit the footer in WordPress.

All code in this video can be found in the article below:

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00:00 Intro
01:09 Add Widgets to Footer
02:59 Theme Customizer
04:31 What’s your favorite method?
04:40 Edit footer.php
05:15 Add code to the footer

For the most common method to add or remove from the widget area, we will go under Appearance, Widgets, and look for a footer widget area. This will allow us to add a widget, menu, or other types of content to the footer. In this guide, we will be adding a menu as our example.

Some themes offer you more control over the design so when you go under Appearance, Customize and scroll to the bottom of the page to check for a pencil icon that you can click. If there is one, once you click it, the editor will bring up the options available in your thing for what can be edited.

If you do not have either of these options, you would want to use FTP to edit your theme’s files, you can see how to use FTP with our guide below:

Before making any changes with this method, be sure to create a backup of any files you plan to modify by downloading them. With this method, we will edit the theme files themselves, specifically footer.php, and look for the line with ‘Powered by WordPress’. You would edit that text to change it to what you would like to have on your theme’s footer.

Lastly, if you only need to add code to the page then we would recommend our Insert Headers and Footer plugin below:

You can add the code you would like under Settings, Insert Headers and Footers. There are three different areas and the bottom is for scripts you would like to add to the footer.

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  • Michael B on January 3, 2021

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    What do when your footer is in Elementor

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    what is the scope of word press developer?answer some one

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  • Scott Selfe on January 26, 2021

    I have a WP site, but needs edits and I'll be damned if I can figure out how to get at what I consider the "the footer", but none of the options in this video seem to apply to my there. Help!

  • Healthy Lifestyle on January 30, 2021

    You really solved my problem thanks a lot

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    Love from India 🇮🇳

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  • Capt'n Jay Greybeard on February 12, 2021

    I did not want to edit the template files, I'll try the plugin thanks!

  • Ruth Natalia Suárez Flórez on February 16, 2021

    Hi, the code for [current year] doesn't seem to work, it just shows the text… Any suggestion?

  • alex go on February 20, 2021

    Footer does not appear on phone but works normally on computer.
    And my theme.
    His options are different
    And I tried to solve the problem by placing 100% width at 600 dimensions but not responsive with mobile

  • RoseTherapyX on February 21, 2021

    Hiiii, I want to edit my Logo in the footer area, ?

  • Hannah Moran on February 24, 2021

    Hi, In the side bar of my WordPress editing site, I do not have the button APPEARANCE, So I am unable to follow this guide. I have the CUSTOMIZE button which has a WIDGET dropdown, but this also brings me to a completely different page so I can't access the pages you guide through in the above video. Is there a new/old version that I am maybe missing out on?

  • Gamerya on March 8, 2021

    thank you so much i really apriciate your work

  • Tracy England on March 9, 2021

    I can't access the Appearance because I'm on a Mac… really frustrating.

  • Nicola Matera on March 14, 2021

    Absolutlely FANTASTIC!!! It was simply soo easy to add HTML to my footer section!!

  • Rafael Adames on March 22, 2021

    Hi, I am using the Astra theme as well and accidentally deleted the entire section for the footer and cannot seem to figure out how to add it back to the bottom of my webpage.

  • Rubaiyat on April 20, 2021

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    Thank you so much! Can you possibly instruct me on how to change my landing page header font size? Much appreciated?

  • Kristina Radojicic on May 3, 2021

    This is fantastic thanks a lot!
    Do you know how to add the footer menu horizontally and not vertically as at 7.10 min?
    What I mean is the pages from the footer menu to be next to each other in the footer and not on top of each other? I appreciate your answer 🙂

  • Showan Hasan on June 12, 2021

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  • Sam & Sammy on November 17, 2021

    How to make privacy policy clickable link in footer area?

  • MACO DJ on December 9, 2021

    I add a new footer menu but i cant see it online? Why? is it the cache maybe?? i dont see online the modifcation?

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