WEBFI-WordPress-How to Create and Sell Online Courses with WordPress Step by Step

Are you wanting to create a successful online course with WordPress? Selling online courses is a popular business idea that you can start with a very small investment and technical knowledge. In this video, we will walk you through the steps involved in creating a successful online course in WordPress.

To start, if you don’t have a hosting provider yet, we would recommend BlueHost. We have our affiliate/referral link below where we will receive a commission for sending you to our preferred hosting provider.

Following our guide, Christina will show you how to clean up the starting plugins and get your WordPress site in a more understandable state. For our remaining plugins, if you were interested in using the Pro version of our plugins you can get a discount using the code WPBVIP.

For the theme we use in the video, you can get Astra using the referral link below:

The membership plugin used in this video is MemberPress, you can find the plugin with our affiliate/referral link below:

We will go through how to set up memberships, courses, and add lessons as well as much more. Come join us to see all of the information or read our guide on this using the link below:

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00:00 Intro
04:28 Clean up plugins
05:48 install a new theme on your website
12:45 How to install MemberPress for courses
14:43 How to create an online course in WordPress
16:08 How to add lessons to your course
17:33 How to set up a membership to sell your course
19:14 How to create a membership rule
20:16 Add course registration link to website
21:24 How to add a course sales page to your website

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  • Ajit Sah on April 19, 2021


  • Marion Paolo on April 19, 2021

    I just purchased the plugin. Is there any way I could make the first lessons free then the rest are paid? For LearnDash they call it 'sample lesson' but I cannot seem to see a setting like this?

  • Anatolii Ulitovskyi on April 19, 2021

    I'm going to write my course when my audience will big enough ) Good luck to everyone with their monetizaions.

  • zzzz on April 19, 2021

    So informative. Thank you so much🌟

  • Vanessa Dugandzic on April 19, 2021

    Great video! Perfect timing for me because I'm also working on a course. Can we embed our unlisted or private videos from Youtube in the lessons?

  • TUSHAR RANA on April 19, 2021

    How to put watermark of name and number or email when video runs online ??

  • Visualmodo on April 19, 2021

    Excellent WordPress video!

  • Shaurya stores  on April 24, 2021

    Really helpful. thank you so much

  • Tin ecom on April 27, 2021

    How to add video to curriculums?

  • First Class Flipping on June 29, 2021

    Great video..thanks! Question, where do they actually log in to access the information once signed up?

  • Healing Firefly on July 8, 2021

    What is the difference between wordpress and bluehost?

  • Ryan Lin on July 24, 2021

    is it enough to use bluehost for an online course website?
    I've heard if you have shopping function and even online course function on your site you might want to use VPS as your server to make it more stable.

  • Desi Felibert on October 6, 2021

    Thanks, #WPBeginner When you have a site all ready, and you want to create a course do I need to have a subdomain to install the plugin?

  • M P on December 7, 2021

    Hi – would I need to add a plugin indicating course/website under construction before working on setting up the website and adding material?

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