WEBFI-WordPress-How to Create a Coupon Popup in WordPress

Are you wanting to create a coupon popup in WordPress? These coupon popups are a great way to convert your site’s visitors into paying customers. There are multiple ways to make a coupon popup but showing the coupon at the right time can make a huge difference in converting abandoning visitors into customers. In this guide, we will show you how to create a coupon popup in WordPress.

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For this tutorial, we will be using OptinMonster to create two types of coupon popups. One a normal popup and the second being a spin a wheel coupon.

To start you would want to visit the OptinMonster site to create an account after which you would install and activate the WordPress plugin to make sure you add the popups to your site.

Log into OptinMonster’s site and click the Create New Campaign button, for this first campaign we will be creating a Popup campaign. There are many types of pre-built styles to choose from and preview but for this, we will use the Coupon template. Then set the specific site you would like to load the popup on.

Customize the text, colors, and anything else you would like to customize there are many customization options available, we did not go through everything in this video to not overwhelm new users. Make sure to save the changes in the popup then decide through what method you want to share the coupon code.

We would recommend sending it through OptinMonster’s Success view and by email newsletter so the user has multiple chances to remember the coupon code. By default, it should use the Success view but you have options to change that in the button settings.

For Exit-Intent you will want to go to the Display Rules tab to customize when the popup will be displayed. We want it to change it to exit detected and on the next step, you would want to remain an Optin. Lastly, on the Publish tab, you would want to set the optin as Live for it to appear on your site based on your settings rather than it remaining a draft.

Now when you log into your WordPress site with the OptinMonster plugin installed you will be able to go to your Campaigns and enable the campaign in the plugin as well as decide who should see the campaign when they visit your site.

For creating a spin to win campaign we will create a new campaign and specify it as Fullscreen. We can filter the options and we want to select one of the wheel templates.

The template will allow you to choose different colors for sections of the wheel as well as editing the specific sections’ chance to happen. You can customize when and how it displays and once you have all of that set you want to publish the optin and make it live on your site for your visitors to see.

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  • Unique Vision Academy Official on March 17, 2020

    Very Nice

  • Devi Dilip on May 13, 2020

    Is Option monster is a free plug in or paid?

  • Jarrod Ross on April 30, 2021

    What is stopping people from abusing those coupons multiple times. Is there a way to generate a unique code that can only be used once?

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