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Are you looking at different hosts and trying to find the right one for you? We’re speaking directly with our founder Syed Balkhi in this video to bring you his recommendations based on your needs. Come take a look at our video to help you decide what WordPress hosting would be best for your needs.

In this video, we mention hosting providers we are affiliates of and have negotiated discounts for. The hosting providers and our links are here:

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For those just starting out, we recommend starting with a smaller, shared hosting to get you up and running with your site’s content. Shared hosting is a section of a server that you are sharing with other users. While your site’s content is your own, the resources your site uses to run are part of that server’s resources rather than all of them.

VPS is the next step for your site as it grows, this is a server that separates a specific section virtually so all of that sections resources are for your specific site. This is similar to a dedicated server where the entire server is yours but these require more technical knowledge than other servers.

Finally, there is managed hosting, which is a style of hosting that scales with you as your needs grow. There are some limitations on what can be added to these sites but you will benefit from better support as well.

With the different types of hosting covered, there are four factors to consider when selecting which hosting provider you want to use. Uptime as you want your site to never go down if able. Speed, a slow server will eventually cause issues with your SEO. Features, a feature-rich hosting provider gives you even more tools based on your needs. Finally, support, having good support is great for if you ever run into any issues with your site and need a hand with solving the issue.

Keeping the above factors in mind, for a beginner we recommend not overspending, only purchase the plan level that would suit your specific needs rather than an oversized plan for a site just starting out. We’re recommending BlueHost, SiteGround, and HostGator as we’ve worked with them and have discounts that we have negotiated to get you a discount.

For enterprize or similar users, we recommend Pagely or WPEngine. For most we would recommend Pagely unless it is a starter site then we would still recommend BlueHost, SiteGround or HostGator.

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  • Bachchar Yassine on September 9, 2019


  • northstarsteve on September 9, 2019

    I also have been using Hostgator for well over 10 years. Dependable and great tech support.

  • Ana Perez on September 9, 2019

    Great information 👍 I’ve used so many hosting services after 3 years of WordPress freelancing. I’ve had good experience with SiteGround but I’ve only used it for a short time.

  • Jose Espinoza on September 10, 2019

    Thanks for sharing, though I didn't understand clearly what is a hosting manager.

  • Zakaria Abali on September 10, 2019

    This is the best WordPress informative YouTube channel

  • Mr Ruhe on October 27, 2019

    Thank yo so much for your work.

    You describe that you negotiated a discount with the hosts. When I click on siteground which I want to choose, it shows the price of $3.95, which I had seen last week too without using your link. So is there no discount or is there an even better price possible tha. $3.95?

  • sajid sourav on November 21, 2019

    Thanks Syed..

  • Jithu Jayaraj on August 15, 2020

    In my experience with multiple hosting bluehost is the best in terms of performance and value for money. Their plans are very attractive comparing to others. See

  • Steve Henry on September 25, 2021

    The only thing about when they offer you a free Domain name is there is a big catch to that. Some Hostig sites may want to own the Domain name
    and I don't want anybody owning my Domain name. I want 100% control over that.

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