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Are you looking to add a contact form to your WordPress site and not sure which one to use? There are thousands of contact form plugins to choose from so it’s difficult to know which is the best for you. In this video, we’ll cover which is the best WordPress form plugin for your needs.

Our top 5 recommended form plugins are the following:


Formidable Forms:

For most sites, we recommend WPForms as that is the plugin we’ve created for our needs as well as the needs of our visitors. This means we had beginners in mind while still giving powerful marketing tools for those needing it. The free version of WPForms can handle the basic need of most sites and you can purchase an upgrade should you need more of the tools in the plugin.

If you’re a developer or looking for more advanced features for your forms we would recommend Formidable Forms. This includes different calculators or any sort of form that would need calculations like mortgage calculators, body fat calculators, etc.

If you are looking to create surveys on your site, WPForms is one plugin option to achieve this or for a non-plugin option, you can take a look at SurveyMonkey. They were what we previously used, before WPForms, as an option should your budget allow. TypeForm is another non-plugin option that you can use should your budget allow.

If you’re looking to take small or specific payments then WPForms or Formidable forms allow you to accept those types of payments. For more advanced such as creating a store we recommend using a full-fledged ecommerce plugin such as WooCommerce.

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  • CodeRevolution TV on November 18, 2019

    WPBeginner is a great content creator! They influenced a lot of the plugins I implemented so far, thank you guys for the inspiration!

  • Yasien Sarlie on November 18, 2019

    I don't see form to pdf as a feature 😢

  • Minhaj Alam on November 19, 2019

    Hi Christina, Nice to see you, I saw you first time on screen. I am big fan of your. I learn WP from your tutorial videos. Thank you so much

  • Kisan Baithak on November 19, 2019

    Wp forms is best plugins at all for building contact form. Secondly contact form 7

  • Digital Daddy on December 12, 2019

    I always thought the voice quality was amazing on your videos. What kind of mic do you use to help obtain this level of quality?

  • broad angel on January 19, 2020

    Wp form not send details

  • Rochelle Hayward on March 9, 2020

    I keep having issues with my contact form inquiries going to my spam folder

  • The Computer Mouse on April 12, 2020

    Thank you. I'll make the switch to WP forms today!

  • Mostay on July 9, 2020

    Thanks! great content and very helpful. I will switch from Contact Form 7 to WP Form.

  • Shahjahan Jewel on August 12, 2020

    Where is the comparison with other forms like Fluent Forms or Gravity Forms?

  • Paul Jackiewicz on August 20, 2020

    Couldn't disagree more about contact form 7. As a web designer I love the fact that I can edit the HTML and don't have to work around drag and drop builders and short codes. It's one of the most fleixble plugins when it comes to contact forms if you know how to code.

  • When we need a quick and easy to use form we install Ninja Forms. It is intuitive and easy to use. We also us WP Forms as well. Ninja and WP Forms are our go to solutions. Contact 7 is clunky and hard to use. I agree – avoid it. Gravity Forms is premium only (so you have to pay no matter what) and is not that intuitive – it is great if you are developer heavy – but for clients and designers – not so user friendly. We have never used Formidable, so now opinion on that.

  • Abdul Kader on November 28, 2020

    Nice video!Thanks for the video. This is a really amazing form builder. But the thing I don't like about the forms,

    is that they removed some features for the free version and added them

    in the pro, some months ago. But Bit Form has many features in the free version and a lot of third-party integrations

    with all advanced features.Just for the Black Friday offer! Bit Form Provide Premium WordPress Form Builder Plugin at $5.

    WordPress Org:


    Demo Video:

  • Vicky Latorre on December 4, 2020

    Am I missing something? Why is WPForms recommended as a free version if I have to pay to read the messages (Entries) the customers left me? Thanks for sharing.

  • Summer Girl on July 8, 2021

    Are you able to see your visitor emails with the free version?

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