WEBFI-WordPress-9 Most Popular Free Responsive WordPress Slider Plugins

There are many options for WordPress sliders available for WordPress. We compared the three best WordPress slider plugins, but it is always good to know some of the options out there. In this video, we will show you the 9 most popular free responsive WordPress slider plugins.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

1. soliloquy lite is a great lightweight yet robust slider that allows you to add meta to your images for better seo for images on your site.

2. meta slider has a good combination of multiple free slider scripts, transitions, and rendering effects.

3. meteor slides is a mobile ready and responsive slider that might be too simple for users looking for more features, but you can add each slide one by one and choose a slideshow as you add them.

4. cyclone slider 2 is another simple slider plugin that allows you to add slider to your site and has different styles and transitions to choose from.

5. posts slider lets you display your posts in a slider.

6. smooth slider allows you to create content slides or image slides for your site.

7. smart slider 2 lets you quickly create a slideshow and is packed with powerful features like animation and transitions although many of the features are locked behind a paywall.

8. easing slider lite is a lightweight bloat free slider that integrates well with the media uploader.

9. finally we have the nemus slider that is simple and feature rich, allowing you to create slides from videos, html, posts, and images.

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  • StephanieD_Official on January 26, 2015

    Thanks! This was helpful!

  • Michael Lunde on January 27, 2015

    Why show the backend and not the frontend?

  • Younes benhamed on July 13, 2015


  • DenVaagheid on July 28, 2015

    Thanks for the video, but I would've liked a more in-depth video about the sliders themselves. This is more summing up what you have instead of explaining what they are.

  • Enkii Muto on September 18, 2015

    Meta slider isn't responsive. It tries to get away with 2 different slide sizes according to the FAQ.

  • Wpcontentdiscovery on October 19, 2015

    great video, this should help lots of beginners 🙂

  • james Perez on February 1, 2016


  • Troy Stone on June 20, 2016

    You have done such an astonising job for best free sliders. It is very proficient for any wordpress developer to be considered. I would like to suggest you one more slider avartan slider and I'm sure you will be surprized by its prodigious functionality.
    Have a look at:

  • Dusan Belic on November 10, 2016

    Can you tell me which is the best free slider for category posts? Thanks.

  • Lazlo Aluisa on July 18, 2017

    Hello. Thanks for the Vid. Are there any of these that don't allow links added to the image? Any that allow for both arrow flip as well as touch flip of images? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

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