How to Undo Changes in WordPress using Post Revisions wp lifetime webs

WordPress has built-in capability which allows you to undo changes and go back to an earlier version of a post. This feature is called Post Revisions or simply Revisions.

When writing articles, we all make mistakes. Sometimes don’t you wish you hadn’t deleted what you wrote earlier. Revisions allow you to go back in time and start from an earlier point. In this video, I will show you how to undo changes in WordPress with post revisions.

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WordPress Post Revisions
Undo Changes in WordPress



  • John Taylor on January 10, 2015

    Not enough info, you didn't explain what the difference was between the left and right column was, you didn't touch on what the green and red coloring meant and the darker shades.

  • Ma Teresa Martinez Miniaturas on January 23, 2015

    what about Products? I made a change that I have to undo but there is no Revisions option 🙁

  • Jan Pietraszek on January 23, 2016

    Your intro is horribly agresive aggressive -.-

  • kalpana v on October 3, 2016

    thank you so much!!!!!u saved my day

  • Luisa Salazar on April 10, 2017


  • Joe Tittiger on August 27, 2017

    Very confusing as "post revisions" shows the text view not the visual view….. Am I doing something wrong? Or can't you get visual view? TIA

  • Jay Patel on October 2, 2017


  • Pedro P. on October 3, 2017

    Interesting, must check it out deeply*

  • Task Networking on October 4, 2017

    Helpful channel. Thanks!

  • Monica Durant on October 6, 2017

    I had no idea this existed, glad to know now as it could have saved me a lot of time!

  • Pete Olson on October 9, 2017

    I heard of this but never new how to do it.

  • Hannan Baig on August 18, 2019

    Cant find it anywhere. I am using the latest version of WP

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