How to Easily Bulk Delete WordPress Posts on Your Site wp lifetime webs

Trying to delete multiple WordPress posts in bulk? WordPress has built-in tools to help manage multiple posts but selecting and deleting them can take some time. In this video, we’ll show you some of our recommended ways to handle bulk deleting posts in WordPress!

The first method will be using the built-in WordPress method in the Posts, All Posts page. You would want to check the box next to the post you are wanting to delete or click the check at the top of the list to select all of the posts. Using the screen options in the top right you can decide the number of posts to display on one page.

Use the dropdown at the top to select the bulk action, in this case, we will select delete to delete the images. To sort the posts so you have more control over what is selected, if you click the author’s name it will display all of the posts by that author while if you click a category it will show all of the posts in that specific category.

For our second method we will be using the “Bulk Delete” plugin:

With the plugin installed and activated you will want to click on the Bulk WP menu option to see the plugin’s settings. This plugin allows you to decide posts by date range, post type, and even delete post revisions using the plugin.

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  • uro vincent on December 31, 2018

    😊 tnk you, I'm learning a lot from u, will be setting up my blog soon.

  • uro vincent on December 31, 2018

    How do I add header icons to my blog ?

  • Faye Redwood on April 28, 2019

    Are you using the app? When I got to "posts" on desktop there's no option to mass select.

  • LeJuan Williams on December 3, 2019

    Screen Options! Life Saver❤❤❤❤

  • james pruett on March 14, 2020

    how about images that arent used?

  • Yama Kader on April 8, 2020

    Thank you!

  • Golam Cs on May 5, 2020

    thank you so much

  • ConsumerQueen on February 17, 2021

    How do I find content that hasn't had traffic in over a year to delete?

  • Isme-Azam-Rahat on April 25, 2021

    Thank You So Much

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