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Do you want to add breadcrumb navigation links to your WordPress site? Breadcrumb navigation links are getting more popular in search results that can help tell your users and search engines where they are on your website. In this video, we will show you how to display breadcrumb navigation links in WordPress.

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Breadcrumbs are the navigation links that are normally at the top of a page above the post tile that users can click to visit different sections of your site. If you visit an article on WPBeginner we have our breadcrumbs at the top of our pages.

For the first method we will be using the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin that you can find below:

Once you install and activate the plugin you can customize the plugin’s settings under Settings, Breadcrumb NavXT in your wp-admin area. This includes any page-specific templates that you may want to use. Once you set up the templates you can activate them under Appearance, Customize, and under your Breadcrumb area in the customizer.

If you would prefer a different tool then you could use Yoast SEO which can be downloaded using the link below:

You can find the settings for the Breadcrumbs area under SEO, Search Appearance, then click the Breadcrumbs tab in the settings area. That will allow you to customize the different methods of display for your breadcrumbs and don’t forget to save your changes on this page.

For the breadcrumbs to appear, you will want to go under Appearance, Customize, and select Breadcrumbs to enable them.

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0:00 What are Breadcrumbs
0:32 Breadcrumb NavXT plugin
1:44 Displaying breadcrumbs
2:38 Method 2
3:28 Displaying breadcrumbs with Yoast
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  • Talha Mumtaz on November 5, 2020

    i have installed uptown style theme and it does not show any breadcrumb tab in theme customize section. what can i do alternative?

  • Lana Mimes on November 8, 2020

    Way to fast for a beginner video. I'm sorry but I had a difficult time staying with person doing this video due going to fast. Please take this as my opinion and I'm not meaning to be rude. I am so grateful for all the Wp tutorials.

  • Lá vai Forró on March 29, 2021

    how do i change the link at homepage breadcrumbs? i'm using jetblocks breadcrumbs

  • tsb on August 16, 2021

    I'd like to use Breadcrumb NabXT. When I install the plugin, I'm unable to see the menu item in my Jupiter themed web site under the Appearance > Customize section. How could I see the settings in order to place them onto each web page within my site?

  • Terje Skuggen on October 25, 2021

    Does this plugin work on any theme or does the theme need to support it?

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