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WordPress allows you to create your own custom content types. These post types can be used to add any content you would like. In this video, we will show you 12 useful WordPress custom post types tutorials.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

First, when do you need a custom post type. This tutorial goes into why you’d want to add custom post types to your site so see if you really need then.

#2 is adding icons for custom post types. When creating your custom post types, WordPress uses default post icons. With this tutorial you can add your own custom post type icons to your site.

#3 is create a custom post type archive page. Adding an archive page allows you to showcase all the custom post types on one page for your visitors.

#4 is rss feeds for custom post types. Add an rss feeds generator to make is easy for your followers to read see your custom post types in their favorite rss reader.

#5 adding custom post types to your main rss feed. Keeping all your items together in one feed will help your users read your content and this article shows you how to do that.

#6 search form for custom post types. The default WordPress search is a bit limited and this article shows you how to extend your search functionality so your visitors can find what they are looking for.

#7 adding sticky posts for custom post types. If you want to add a custom post type to the top of your site, then this article will help do that.

#8 Disable Disqus on custom post types. if you use Disqus for your site’s commenting but don’t want that on your custom post types, then this article will show you how to disable them.

#9 adding user submitted content in custom post types. If you’re setting up a movie or book review site, then allows visitors to submit their reviews for your site is important. This tutorial shows you how to allow that.

#10 switch or convert custom post types. As your site grows you may want to change the way the data is displayed. This article helps you do that.

#11 using custom post types as taxonomies. This article covers how to change custom post types as taxonomies so you can easily build relationships between post types.

#12 custom meta boxes for post types. Using the advanced custom fields plugin lets you add custom fields into WordPress post editor screen so you can create additional input fields for your post types.

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